Our goal is to promote true democracy through education and support of independent candidates in the next provincial election. Building Collaborative Independent Voices for all 93 BC Ridings. We provide the tools for people to learn how to organize town hall meetings, do fundraising, conduct surveys, attract great speakers for events, and to educate the public about the tremendous benefit of voting for an independent candidate – a person known and trusted by the community.

Consensus Government: No Political Parties!

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Independent Nova Scotia Founder

Party System Is Broken

Did You Know About This?…

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Frank Stronach: Canada Needs A Democratic Revolution

The best solution to break the stranglehold that political parties have on our democratic process is to introduce citizen representatives into Parliament

Erik Andersen, Economist, In Discussions With Independent BC’s
Chia Vander Zalm & Rick Dignard


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I Believe We Can and Will Do It. Let's Get Started! Let's Make History!
The Next Provincial Election Is Saturday, October 19, 2024.
The Countdown Is On!
40 Independent MLAs Are All We Need!



Independent BC Does Not Support Any Specific Party

We are an organization dedicated to educating and supporting independent candidates in the next provincial election.




We’re A Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization

The Independent BC Initiative Society is a not-for-profit charitable organization, and once approved for charitable status, we will be able to issue tax receipts.


Here’s The Solution…


1) ‘Uncondition’ our minds from the lifelong belief that political parties are the only option.

‘We the people’ are the largest and strongest party of them all… Together, on the same team.


2) Look for and secure a potential independent candidate in your riding.

Our cultures will dictate what societies we end up with… the very fabric of our freedom and democracy is at stake


3) Hold a Town Hall meeting in your community.

Get involved  –  Stay Involved  –  Get Others involved


4) On election day, get out and vote for your Independent Candidate.

This Is YOUR Platform To Bring Back Power To The People!



Let’s Get Started!…


If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with us, using the form below, and tell us how you are prepared to get involved. If you’re interested in holding a town hall meeting, check the box located just above the Submit button.

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We Must Act Now

British Columbia

There is a dark political storm growing in British Columbia that threatens our individual rights and freedoms.
If we want to prevent the government from accomplishing more of their dystopian plans, we as residents must act now – before it’s too late.


As BC Residents, we currently still have most of our sovereign rights. We can change how things are currently developing in this province. We can oppose Ottawa, and we can bring this confusing collusion to a dramatic halt. But we must act now.

The Northwest Territories has had a consensus government of elected Independent MLAs for over 100 years. All members ran and sat as independents. NO political parties whatsoever. We can enjoy the benefits of Independent MLAs, right here in BC.


In BC, prior to the 1900s, people ran for office as independents. There were no formal provincial political parties operating in the province at that time.


Its Time has come. Electing Independent MLAs is “A New Way to Vote.”


We all know how much time political parties spend attacking each other. Imagine if that time were spent on working together to solve the problems and issues of the day, and consulting with the people instead!


Independent members are not controlled by a party leader, and told how to vote! They consult with their constituents to find out how THEY want them to vote and what issues are important to them. Real democracy in action!

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Inspirational Quotes

~ Bringing Power Back to You, The Voter ~

John Diefenbaker, Great Canadian Prime Minister – “I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong …”