What Can I Do?

You can vote! 

Did you know that 1.5 million voters did not vote in the last 2020 BC Provincial election?!

So, you want to help grow the movement? GREAT! We have multiple options for you as outlined below.

1. Download and Share the Brochure

Let’s share the Independent BC brochure throughout your community! If you can, place the brochure on all community boards including libraries, community centres, grocery stores, halls and anywhere else where people gather. 

Remember to always ask for permission before posting them!

▶️ Download PDF here

▶️ Download PDF 2 on a page 

▶️ Put Up Recruitment Posters

2. Organize a Town Hall meeting

✅ Question: What is a Town Hall Meeting?

Answer: A town hall is a meeting place in a community (constituency), where family, friends, neighbours and business people gather.


✅ Question: What is the Purpose of Holding a Town Hall Meeting?

Answer: To hear what the local folks have to say about issues that matter most to them, their children, families and businesses. Local MLAs, Mayors and MPs are invited as well.

With a looming provincial election, within the next year, the local townspeople can ask questions of their elected provincial representatives, on matters that are important to the community. These days, the issues are extensive; like Bill 36, vaccine mandates, heath care, education, the economy, drug crisis, housing, gasoline prices, inflation, etc.

Should the local MLAs not show up, then the people will have a choice between voting for the current political parties, or voting for an independent of their choosing, through a three-member LCSC (Local Candidate Selection Committee) within the community.


Question: Who Organizes the Town Hall Meeting?

Answer: Anyone within the community. Talk to friends and neighbours. Someone has to get the ball rolling. The town hall meeting can be held at a church or community center. Someone can donate the use of the premises, within which to hold it. The organizers would also have to secure a sound system. An MC (master of ceremonies) ought to be chosen to chair the meeting.


✅ Question: Who Pays for the Town Hall and Insurance?

Answer: Usually the person or group organizing the event. Then, a donation box and an appeal for donations to pay for expenses are mentioned at the beginning of the meeting. Cookies, baked goods, coffee, juice and refreshments go a long way toward the town hall meeting expenses. Good karma, too.


✅ Question: How is a Town Hall Meeting Advertised?

Answer: Getting the word out through an invitational printed poster campaign, social media posts, and around the community on notice boards, results in a successful town hall meeting.

Town Hall Meeting Prep:

No special skills are required.

  • When you have a date finalized for a Town Hall Meeting in your riding, inform Sal and Rick via email hello@independentbc.ca, to confirm your meeting’s date and time. Put ‘Town Hall Meeting in [your town]’ in the subject line, replacing [your town] with the name of your town, riding, community, district or city.
  • Once Sal and Rick receive your email, confirming the details of your Town Hall Meeting, we will post a notice on this website, on the Events page.
  • Rent space in your community, or talk to your friends about possibly setting up at their home.
  • Invite people through Telegram, Signal, Facebook, Instagram, email, or any other method with which you’re familiar. This step really depends on what social media you are familiar and comfortable with.
  • Invite your local newspaper, mayor, MLA, MP, etc. But, please consider the timing of this invitation. You don’t want your rental cancelled last minute, just because your mayor disapproves. Yet, you also don’t want to set up an exclusive meeting that is shrouded in secrecy.
  • Click here to download a Town Hall Meeting Invitation Template, if you wish to use it.

You may also want to put up some flyers on community boards throughout your area, to promote your Town Hall Meeting.

➡️ At The End of The Meeting
  • Encourage the interested attendees to schedule a follow-up meeting, to take place within two weeks, at someone’s home. Collect the emails and phone numbers of attendees at your Town Hall Meeting. Use the provided sign-up sheet. Download it here.
➡️ After The Meeting
  • Write a summary email to your attendees. Include in your message that you are looking for a couple of people who are good at administration and delegation, unless you’d like to take on an admin role yourself.

3. Become A Citizen Journalist

  • If you want to become a citizen journalist, in order to report on what’s really going on in your town, at City Council, with your MP, with your MLA, and with other community organizations, then contact mytowninfo.news@gmail.com for free training.


4. Become An Independent Candidate

  • Do you feel called to represent your community as an MLA, but are disenchanted with the political party options? The Independent BC Initiative suggests running as an Independent Candidate.
  • You would have NO political party to answer to. Rather, you would answer to your constituents… your community.
  • If you’re ready to run as an Independent, we offer several resources that can help you launch your campaign right away, including designs for a business card, a banner, a magnetic sign, and website support. If this interests you, reach out and contact us.

This is about as grassroots as you can get. And, as much as it isn’t perfect, adapt it as you see fit, and give it a go.