The Valley Voice – Letter To The Editor

June 29, 2023 – Following is a letter to the editor, recently published in the The Valley Voice newspaper:

Change – its’ up to you!

Check out a new website built by Salvatore Vetro of Vancouver, who says we can change our political landscape, easily!!!

He explains that we need more independent politicians like Jody Wilson-Raybould… I have been reading her book and encourage readers to check her FB page. Good to understand the SNC scandal and why Trudeau fired her from being the Attorney General.

The book explains the Indigenous viewpoint on how to best steward this province. Jody and Salvatore were both independents in the last election – Jody won and Salvatore didn’t – so he is creating a support team to encourage more people to vote independent and become more like the NWT.

The NWT’s large rural areas vote in a person who represents the wishes of the people and once they are elected, they decide who will run the country – instead of the division that is created by political parties and Trudeau himself. If the people of BC voted for the Independents, which we have to choose in the next 15 months, we could change how our province
is being dictated to and no longer mandate that all health care workers be triple vaccinated.

Please read any of Jody’s three books, check out Salvatore’s website to review how the NWT governs their people and then figure out who in our area could represent us and vote for them.

Share this idea with others because over a million did not vote because they are so frustrated with how the systems now functions. Let’s give them a reason to go to the polls and know that we each do make a difference.

Angele Ortega

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