Take Action

#MarchMuniMadness is now #AprilAction

Please watch this Campbell River Municipal Meeting from February 29, 2024

You can easily become a local hero and support the heroic efforts of Dr Ingrid Pincott and Dr Anna Kindy.

Share this critical information with the decision-makers in YOUR community. 

We need to educate 161 BC municipalities about the passing of Bills 31, 36, 44, 46 and 47 despite the concerns of our healthcare workers.

It’s simple, just email your municipal councillors and mayor. All the information you need has been gathered for you here.


  1. For video instructions, click here ✅
  2. Find your municipality on this list and copy your municipal councillors’ email addresses into the address bar
  3. Add Councillor.Chapman@campbellriver.ca in the CC address bar *
    (*see the example)
  4. And please add us in the CC address bar JoinUs@independentbc.ca *
  5. Suggested subject line for your email: “Action Please: Critical information shared at Campbell River Council meeting Feb 29, 2024, the truth about Bill 36, now Provincial Law and the impacts to [add your town]!”

* Councillor Chapman wants to inform other municipalities, and we want to be sure all BC municipalities receive this urgent information on their public record.

Now, copy and paste the suggested letter below, adding your information in the designated areas.

Dear Mayor [add name] and Council Members [add their names here],

I have lived in [add your town] for more than [xx] years. I am sending this recording from a recent Council meeting in Campbell River because it is urgent and affects every community in BC, including us here in [add your town].

Please watch the first 30 minutes of the Campbell River Municipal Meeting video from February 29, 2024

It is critical. Beyond that, I simply ask you to reply to let me know you listened.

Many people have tried to bring this to the attention of elected representatives for well over a year now, finally, these two brave doctors have managed to get the active attention of their Council in Campbell River.

I believe you will be shocked to learn this! We all must act now, especially those elected to serve the community. I welcome your response or the opportunity to meet over coffee to discuss this further. It is so important to keep the elected members of our City informed, engaged and ready to take action to ensure the safety and health of our community.

I have also copied one of the Councillors in Campbell River who expressed the urgent need to engage directly with other municipalities, and Independent BC Initiative who’ve offered to track each of the 161 municipalities in BC that received this communication.

Please understand, that waiting until the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention in September is simply too late to discuss and act. The time to protect us is now.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!


[add your full name]