RFK Jr. Will Run For The Presidency As An Independent

RFK Jr will run for presidency as independent
Oct 11 2023

RFK Jr. Will Run For The Presidency As An Independent

On Monday, October 9th, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially announced his run for the US presidency as an Independent.

Here is an excerpt of his speech:

“I am here to declare myself as an independent candidate for President of the United States. And that’s not all. I am here to join all of you to make a new Declaration of Independence for our entire nation. We declare independence from the corporations that have hijacked our government. We declare independence from Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Ag, the military contractors, and their lobbyists. We declare independence from the mercenary media that fortifies corporate orthodoxies, and urges us to hate our neighbors and fear our friends. We declare independence from the cynical elites who betray our hope and amplify our divisions. And finally, we declare independence from the two political parties and the corrupt interests that dominate them, and the entire rigged system of rancor and rage, corruption and lies, that has turned government officials into indentured servants of their corporate bosses. We declare our independence from these corrupting powers because they are incompatible with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that our original Declaration of Independence invoked in 1776.”

Click / tap here to read the whole speech on The Vigilant Fox website.


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