Empowering Change: Introducing Independent BC, a Novel Approach to Democratic Participation

We’re excited to introduce Independent BC, a groundbreaking initiative focused on fostering a coalition of responsible independent MLAs. Our goal is to engage people in this grassroots movement and ensure they are well-informed about the initiative’s objectives.

To enhance public involvement, we’ve revamped our Polls page, incorporating three insightful poll questions. These questions serve as a valuable tool for supporters looking to contribute actively. Individuals interested in championing the cause can use these questions to conduct interviews with a diverse range of at least 20 people, including those they may not know personally. Participants are encouraged to document responses, including instances where individuals express that they ‘don’t have a moment’ or provide alternative reasons.

Our rationale is simple: by investing our efforts in gauging genuine interest in voting for an independent candidate, we can better tailor our strategies and actions. This data-driven approach allows us to identify specific challenges and concerns faced by potential voters who may not have participated in elections before. It’s a truly grassroots endeavor, and while it may not be flawless, we invite you to adapt and experiment with it to contribute to this innovative movement.

Join us as we seek to understand and address the unique perspectives of our community members, fostering a democratic environment that truly reflects the diverse needs and concerns of the people of BC.